The policies and executive measures

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Contribute to building a stable and sound financial position in the Kingdom:-
  1. Maintain a safe level of budget deficit as percentage of the GDP
  2. Gradually reduce the subsidy of government units
  3. Contribute in guiding and controlling public expenditure according to the national priorities

Develop the results-oriented budget approach (ROB), enhance the transparency principles and keeping up with the best practices and international contemporary concepts in budget management:-
  1. Deepen the concept of Results Oriented Budgeting (ROB)
  2. Pay more attention to the analytical side of public expenditure
  3. Enhance Jordan’s position globally on the budget transparency

Contribute to the recruitment control, thereby contributing to the efficient use of the financial resources:-
  1. Control the recruitment to be based on the actual needs of the government departments

Enhance the institutional capacities to upgrade the performance level of the department:-
  1. Enhance services
  2. Raise the human resources efficiency
  3. Improve the internal work environment
  4. Support the culture of creativity and innovation in the department