GBD tasks and Duties

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The Organic Budget Law No. (58) of 2008, identifies the following functions and powers of the General Budget Department:
  • Prepare the state budget
  • Prepare the government units budgets
  • Prepare the manpower bylaw and tables for government departments and units in coordination with the concerned entities.
  • Allocate financial resources to implement public policy in accordance with priorities and in a way that ensures an equitable distribution of development gains to all governorates across the Kingdom.
  • Prepare a detailed description of the required processes for approving the general budget and government units’ budgets.
  • Follow up on evaluating the performance of programs, projects and activities of the government units and check their effective and efficient achievement of anticipated results that contribute to reaching their goals.
  • Give opinion on draft legislation, decisions and instructions that have financial implications during their approval stage.
  • Give advice to government units on financial matters and any other matters relevant to the tasks of GBD.
  • Present recommendations to the Cabinet on the final accounts of all government units before they are approved.
  • Revising budget allocation requests submitted by all government departments and units by decreasing, increasing, consolidating, or reviewing allocation requests to ensure their alignment with public policy.
  • Request from all government units the needed data and information related to goals, projects and activities and their financing.
  • Eliminate duplications in the programs and funding of government departments and units.
  • Audit all programs, projects, and activities requesting budget allocations in order to verify the feasibility and relevance of their requests.
  • Review all documents, correspondences and records of any government department or unit.
  • Monitor the execution of the general budget and budgets of government units and issue periodic monitoring, analysis and evaluation reports.
  • Review, and give opinion on, the budgets of all public universities and municipalities as well as any other government entity.